Malayan Agricultural Producers Association

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The principal objectives of the Association, amongst others, are as follows: -

  • To secure the complete organization of all agricultural employers in Peninsular Malaysia so that a common front is presented on labour and trade union matter.
  • To promote, protect and defend the interests of members and employers in general;
  • To promote or oppose legislative or other measures affecting or likely to affect the interests of its members or of employers generally;
  • To communicate with and make representations to public and similar authorities on all matters affecting the interests of members and other employers; and
  • To co-operate with other Associations, Societies or similar bodies in all labour and related matters.

As a trade union, the main roles and functions of the Association are largely governed by its own Rules and the provisions of the Trade Unions Act, 1959 and the Industrial Relations Act, 1967.  This is reflected in the whole range of services that is provided to cater to the needs and interests of agricultural employers.

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